Please check out our FAQs below to learn more about bulk buying topsoil, compost and organic soil mixes. Please let us know if you have any questions over on our Contact page.

If you are using pots the first step is to add up the total number of gallons you are looking to fill.  For example is you need soil for 10 10 gal pots you will need 100 gallons of soil.  There are approximately 7 gal in one cuft.  Using example of 100 gallons of soil this would mean 14 cuft of soil.  Then divide the cuft by 27 and that will give you the yardage, or in this case, .5 yards.  

Total number of gallons/7=cuft

Total cuft/27=yds 

Transfers hold 50yds of material and our smaller truck can take 10yds at a time.

Our material is ready to use.  Once the soil is dropped at your place move it into the beds or pots and apply just enough water to saturate the soil and plant away!

Absolutely.  We are set up for quick and easy loading of all types of vehicles.  From small pickups to dump trucks and trailers we will get you in and out quick and easy.  There is plenty of turnaround room with easy access just off of North State street.