Amend Mix



The Amend-Mix is designed to make life easier when adding nutrition to your soil.  Instead of dealing with bags and bags of amendments and the cloud of powder that is created by mixing it into your soil we do that for you by blending our custom nutrient pack from the experts at Soilscape Solutions into a base of Sequoia Compost. 

This is a highly concentrated material recommended to be used at a 1:10 ratio.  Meaning that 1 yd of the Amend-Mix will amend 10yds of your older soil.  Simply topdress the proper amount of material to your existing soil, till in, and give a through watering.  Allow 3-5 days to allow the material to adjust and your ready to go.  This is a best seller throughout the hills of Humboldt and Mendocino.

Pesticide Lab Results | Nutrient Analysis

*This blend is tested for consistency, nutrient analysis, and pesticide residuals.