How We Make It


We are a locally sourced soil company.  What does that mean?  With the exception of pumice which comes from Oregon, all the materials we use come from sources within 100 miles of Ukiah.

We work with local redwood mills removing their “waste” scraps and turning that into rich compost through an aging process.  This means a smaller footprint when compared to companies importing materials like traditional peat moss or coco from across the globe.

Additionally this puts us in direct control of our supply and prevents us from falling behind due to delays in transoceanic shipping.   

The redwood taken from the mills is grinded and blended with other wood waste and combined with nitrogen to begin the ageing process.  During this time (8-12) months the material goes through the composting process, becoming thermophilic (temp >105deg), to allow for the breakdown of the carbon contained in the wood and then, and then returning to a more stable temperature (<95deg) .  Oxygen levels are maintained throughout this process by the turning of the piles which in time allow for the material to cool and become ready for blending into our different products.