Pure Plant Compost



Discerning gardeners and farmers alike can tell quality compost by the smell and feel of the material.  The rich earthy smell signifying proper aerobic bacterial activity is undeniable as is the cool textures of material that has been aged long enough to be receptive to nutrients and plant roots.  The Pure Plant Compost is exactly this. 

Our compost has gone through the thermophilic process to kill off harmful organisms and has cooled over time as it has reached a proper balance.  We are highly selective of the carbon inputs we use to create the base of the compost. Organic, non-manure nitrogen sources are added to feed bacterial activity.  As with all our products the Pure Plant Compost is Clean, Tested, and Proven!!

Nutrient Analysis | Pesticide ScreenOrganic Certification

*This blend is tested for consistency, nutrient analysis, and pesticide residuals.